Saturday, November 17, 2012

Places I Visited on the Internet Today #1

I spend a lot of my time - especially now that I'm not currently working - looking at stuff on the Internet. Here's everything I looked at today:
  • AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) Portland is soliciting images for a zine about finding inspiration in Oregon that they are putting out: It looks like a fun idea, and after taking a look at some of the existing submissions on their zine blog, maybe I should actually submit something to it. Deadline for entry is November 30th.
  • Here's a round-up of some of the stories that were covered this week on There's a lot of times when I disagree with the opinions or tone of voice of Jonathan Maus, the guy who runs it, but it's still a site that I check out a lot. 
  • A report/rumor that a Google Maps app is in the process of being tested for the iPhone. I really hope so, because Apple's new native maps application for iOS 6 is pretty terrible.
  • I'm kind of a junky for the Portland Police Bureau's press releases - really just for police blotters in general - and I really like the weird details that pop out in some of the descriptions. In this update about a guy who tried to rob a porn store and ended up being choked by the employee, it's noted that the suspect "simulated a weapon." That means that he put his finger in his coat pocket and made a gun shape, right? What else could it be? On an unrelated press release a few days ago, there was an update that simply said something like "Original release should have read 'robbery suspect' not 'rubbery suspect'."
  • According to the Retronaut, this is "Picasso as Popeye". That's a fun picture, but since when does Popeye have a beard? I think he's looking more like Captain Haddock.
  • Also from the Retronaut: "Watercolors and sketches by James Dean." Huh.
  • My absolute favorite website for the past month has been the Tate Museum's Gallery of Lost Art, which has completely re-invigorated my love for modern art and art history in general. If you have any interest in art history at all, you should check out that site.
Political Stuff:
  • Some non-piece on Huffington Post about the two former Bush First Ladies. Basically: they sat on a panel and had really boring and unsurprising things to say about being the First Lady.
  • Here's an article on RT (Russian Times? Russian Television?) about a HR 347, a "Trespass Bill", which sounds like a small erosion of our civil liberties. I'm generally against anything that is going to curtail rights to protest, but I it bugs me when people freak out disproportionally to things like this, saying it "essentially criminalizes protest in the States" (in the words of the article).
Wikipedia Pages:

Programming Links:
Here are the websites that I always have open in my browser tabs, because I am always using them to learn:
  • Up until a year ago, I didn't know how to type by touch (it's kind of embarrassing), but now I'm typing around 45 WPM. My goal is to someday be as fast as my wife - Heather's got to be around 70 WPM.
  • There's a lot of good websites for learning languages out there, but this flashcard-style site is a pretty easy way to build up your vocabulary. Ik wil spreken nederlandse!
  • This is where I practice my math. I'm struggling a little with my trigonometry and pre-Calculus.
  • An imperfect resource for learning web programming languages, but something that I keep up on. 
  • I'm taking "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python" from Rice University, and it's great! I was taking "Introduction to Logic" from Stanford, but the instructor for that course was kind of terrible.
Favorite tweet of the day:

  • Translation: "Justin Timberlake explains the new Myspace." Help me a minute. Who was Justin Timberlake and what was Myspace?

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