Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Places I Visited on the Internet Today #4

Boy, have I looked at a bunch of stuff on the Internet today. Some of it was interesting and some of it was not. Here's a list of all of it:

Cute animals department: 
Political stuff:
  • Chris Christie, Republican pariah.
  • Big surprise that the Oregonian editorial board is against the incredibly small amount of tax being raised on the companies that provide landline service. In the article, they frame it as a tax on the elderly, which: sure, but they fail to mention that the tax would amount to something like an extra $4.20 annually. Also, there is some really weird anti-tax/"just tax everybody" logic going on in that article. Remember when the Oregonian used to be a good newspaper without a conservative/anti-tax/anti-bike bias? I wonder if everyone on their editorial board lives in Vancouver.
  • There's finally a plan to do... something? with Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Coding links:

  • php.net - I keep avoiding doing all of the server-side programming that I want to do, and today I decided that I'd better work on it.
iPhone apps I installed today:
  • HERE Maps - It's no Google Maps.
  • Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner - I had this app before, but it got deleted during an iOS update. I think I'll spend the $3 to upgrade it so I have access to my recipes from that site.
Wikipedia pages:

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