Saturday, November 24, 2012

Places I Visited on the Internet Thanksgiving Edition

There's a lot of stuff to see and read on the Internet, but it's no substitute for real life, especially when real life involves travel and food and relatives that you don't see all of the time. With that said, here are the few places that I went to on the Internet during the last three days:
  • Via @Armbrustco, here's a really 1990s video of Thurston Moore interviewing Beck on 120 Minutes. She also provided a link to some choice 80s hiphop.
  • ancientportland reveals the etymology of Tri-Met. (via @PortlandAfoot)
  • A couple of links from the Retronaut: the very groovy Apple Boutique in 1967 London, and  - in what is bound to be one of my very favorite links of the day - color(ized?) photos of Paris in 1914.
  • Police blotter: a "cutting" machete attack under the Burnside Bridge, and an all-too-familiar instance of a vehicle-versus-pedestrian(s) in East Portland. Hopefully, that lady is able to recover. 
  • The Moberi food cart uses an exercise bike to power the blender for making smoothies. Wacky? Ingenious? Twee? One of those things that make conservative people angry when they hear about it? It's on the Oregonian's website, so I'm sure that there will be a bunch of cranks weighing in on it by the end of the day.
  • "Obama's Moment" by Thomas Friedman in the NYT. This is one of those opinion pieces that has one specific pet subject that it is focusing on - the idea that very high-speed Internet connections would be great economic booms for urban areas (I agree!) - but then wedges it into the "bigger picture", whether it is an appropriate fit or not. Paragraphs 3 and 4 of this piece are so broad that you could follow it up with pretty much whatever you wanted. The Newsweek blowhard Niall Ferguson is kind of my poster child for these opinion pieces; he could find a certain type of vegetable unappealing to his personal tastes and work that into a narrative of Obama causing hyperinflation because of a willingness to work with China. Ferguson would probably also title his piece "Obama's Moment". 
  • From Portland Architecture, a person writes about how they are happy that they moved here. Any where on the coast that is not Los Angeles is better than Los Angeles.
  • After driving and walking around Bellingham, I used Google Maps to look at all of the places that we didn't have a chance to explore.
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